Take pictures at more than 300,000 times magnification with electron microscopes at Duke. Design by Jon Fuller.
Gaze at worlds too small to see with the naked eye
Former Duke graduate student Gabe Yapuncich and assistant professor of evolutionary anthropology Doug Boyer are making 3-D X-ray scans of dozens of lemurs and other rare and endangered primates. Photos by Megan Mendenhall; design by Jon Fuller.
X-ray scanning immortalizes endangered primates in the digital afterlife, in 3-D
Mapping Duke's scholarly connections
Grendel the Aye-Aye
Natural antifungal in fruit believed to cause heart damage

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by Kara Manke
October 10, 2017
Individual RNA molecules fluoresce inside a breast cancer cell. Credit: Sunjong Kwon, Oregon Health...
by Sarah Haurin
October 9, 2017
Data collected through genomics research is revolutionizing the way we treat cancer. But a large...
by Daniel Egitto
October 6, 2017
For fields like environmental science, collecting data is hard. Fall colors in the Hubbard Brook...