Duke biology professor Fred Nijhout received the international Kowalevsky Medal for his insights into insect development and evolution. Photo by Megan Mendenhall, Duke Photography.
Duke professor wins international award for developmental biology
Are some Durham neighborhoods pricing people out?
Mapping the winners and losers in Durham’s business and real estate revival
Shape-shifting may explain why DNA is such a great blueprint for life
Robotic Motion Planning
New processor helps robots quickly map future movements

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by Meg Shieh
October 19, 2016
Demonstration of the Relationship between Solar Power and Hydrogen Fuel. Image courtesy of...
by Meg Shieh
October 17, 2016
On Oct. 3, in place of a typical Interdisciplinary Discussion Course (IDC) for the Focus program,...
by Maya Iskandarani
October 12, 2016
Hello! My name is Maya Iskandarani, and I’m a freshman at Duke from Miami, Florida—meaning I’ll...