A large herder family lives in a trio of traditional yurts on the Mongolian steppe.
Students capture ticks, rodents, horses, camels, sheep, goats and yaks on the steppe
Photo by Theresa Thompson / Flickr
Students analyze effects of redistricting on congressional elections
shotgun marriage is on the rise among some groups
Some people still want to get married before the baby is born
Are some Durham neighborhoods pricing people out?
Mapping the winners and losers in Durham’s business and real estate revival

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by Kara Manke
December 9, 2016
Huddled in a small cinderblock room in the basement of Hudson Hall, visual artist Raewyn Turner and...
by Lola Sanchez-Carrion
December 9, 2016
José Gerónimo and his team are transforming the face of cervical cancer screening. Gerónimo is a...
by Meg Shieh
November 30, 2016
From June to August 2016, four Duke students: Emma Heneine, Casey MacDermod, Maria Perez, and Noor...