Lola by Steve-65 (Wikimedia Commons)
Like humans, different dogs have different stress 'sweet spots'
ship wreck jug and sextant
Navigation tools, bottles and bricks spotted a mile deep
Jumla, Nepal
Institute gains endowment, matching gift program
Materials scientists connect computational libraries with $1.8M grant


Lawrence Carin, PhD, Vice Provost for Research

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by Robin Smith
July 30, 2015
Duke students are trying to help doctors find a faster way to pinpoint the cause of their patients...
by Karl Bates
July 28, 2015
Final presentations for the Neuroscience and Neuroethics Camp were held in the new headquarters of...
by Karl Bates
July 24, 2015
Arts & Sciences Dean Valerie Ashby and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Research Ron Grunwald...