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Commercialization, Translation & Intellectual Property

Translating research discoveries into broader knowledge, or into products and services that can have global benefits to society, is an integral part of the mission of Duke University. Many Duke offices provide services to help faculty, staff, and students with all aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship ranging from market and technology assessment of new ideas, intellectual property (IP) protection strategies, identifying translational funding, startup company business modeling, introductions to potential investors, and appropriate attribution and credit for innovations.

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Data Access & Management

The quality, integrity, and security of research data and outputs are rooted in our ability to appropriately access and manage it.  The requirements and resources associated with data can be very specific to the discipline and norms of each scientific community. Information in this area will guide researchers and scholars to a variety of data management and access support services. 

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Funding & Partnerships

Researchers and scholars constantly seek funding opportunities and partners to support innovative and impactful projects. Via knowledgeable staff and smart platforms, Duke supports access to funding opportunities and meaningful partnerships between the university and public and private sector organizations. These resources work together to connect investigators to appropriate funding sources and catalyze successful research innovations. 

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Integrity & Compliance

Duke University is committed to strengthening our culture of integrity in research and scholarship; this responsibility is shared by those within our community. To support this commitment, the institution has developed rigorous programming and processes built upon the principles of open discussion and engagement. Discover the resources that aim to preserve integrity and compliance on an individual and institutional level. 

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Proposal Development

Successful finding of research applications can be dependent largely upon writing a compelling, comprehensive, and agency-specific proposal. Duke has several resources and mechanisms to help investigators produce such proposals. Within this section investigators and grants and contracts administrators can find what they need to plan, create, and submit strong research proposals. 

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Research Contracts & Agreements

When collaborating with an external partner, research agreements play a pivotal role in establishing clear guidelines for data and material sharing, intellectual property rights, confidentiality, and financial arrangements. These agreements ensure that all stakeholders comprehend their roles and responsibilities throughout the research process and help mitigate potential disputes that may arise.  

Dedicated support offices are available to assist with all research-related contracts and agreements. 

Research contract and agreement support