Innovation is at the core of Duke research -- driving us to explore new frontiers and redefine what is possible. The Office for Research and Innovation aims to foster a culture of ingenuity, collaboration, and entrepreneurial spirit, by empowering our researchers to develop groundbreaking solutions to pressing challenges. This innovation requires access to partnerships, financial support, and networks, all coupled with guidance from experts. 

Our dedicated teams of experts provide a suite of services to help innovation-minded faculty, staff and students nudge their research ideas and ventures forward.  


Duke Office for External Partnerships (OEP)

OEP can help researchers identify partnering opportunities and find collaborative funding to support their research. They help establish purposeful external partnerships to support research from all disciplines, accelerate basic and translational research, and drive innovation across Duke.


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Duke Capital Partners

Duke Capital Partners leverages the power of the Duke network.  DCP can enable access to capital, mentorship, and support for Duke-connected portfolio companies.



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Duke Office for Translation and Commercialization (OTC)

OTC works closely with Duke innovators, industrial partners, and the venture community to enrich the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem at Duke. OTC provides resources to Duke innovators to enable the protection, marketing, further development and transfer of technologies from the lab to the market to ensure societal impact of Duke innovations.

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Featured Innovation Story


Duke Companies and Faculty Share Ideas with Investors at Triangle Venture Day

More than 50 investors came from all over the country to learn about new drugs and therapies at the second annual Triangle Venture Day, which brought together startup companies and research faculty from all three Triangle Universities and the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.

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