myRESEARCHsuite encompasses three services that provide unique yet integrated support to the Duke research community. All services can be accessed through myRESEARCHhome.



myRESEARCHhome is a personalized portal for the Duke research community with tools designed for faculty, research staff, research administrators, and trainees. The portal consolidates project data, compliance information, and research resources from multiple systems into a single, user-friendly, customizable interface.

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myRESEARCHpath is the institution-wide interactive research roadmap that aims to ensure research quality and integrity by directing users to process, policy, tools, and resources in the context of a project lifecycle. This web-based tool is applicable to faculty, research staff, administrators, and trainees. Also available via myRESEARCH Home.

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myRESEARCHnavigators ensure that researchers are knowledgeable about relevant resources, collaborators, processes, and best practices for performing research at Duke. The staff have a variety of backgrounds: biochemistry, genetics, data science, public health, animal research, engineering, social science, and scientific integrity.

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