The Compute & Data Services Alliance for Research (CDSA), to be formally launched in August 2024, is a a faculty-driven service and support initiative for Duke researchers, coordinated between the Office of Information Technology, the Duke University Libraries, and the Office for Research & Innovation.


The needs of researchers evolve quickly, and we want to support them in ways that:

  • Maximize time spent on research
  • Increase transparency of services
  • Allow them to focus on research




Building upon our experience and expertise, we coordinated a comprehensive, cross-departmental assessment of the research computing support and service requirements for Duke's non-clinical campus researchers.



People, technology, and other resources to ensure adequate support



Processes and tools to allow greater focus on the research



Access to, and delivery of, key data services


What To Expect


  • More no-cost resources, including expertise and services
  • Rapid support response
  • Easier access to helpful information
  • Competitive services to attract and retain research talent
  • Smoother access to services

The Compute & Data Services Alliance for Research (CDSA) is a response to the ever-evolving needs of the research community and the increasing complexity of conducting, sharing, and publishing research today.

Tracy Futhey, Jenny Lodge, Joe Salem

CDSA for Research News

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CDSA for Research Implementation Team

J.L. Ariansen
Paula Batton
Rebecca Brouwer
Tim Chilton
John Dolbow, Ph.D.
Michael Faber
Nancy Hassell
Joel Herndon, Ph.D.
Jeremy D. Hopkins
Camille Jackson
Katie Kilroy
Tim McGeary
Chris Meyer
Liz Milewicz, Ph.D.
Richard Outten
Dax Prather
Logan Roger
Joshua Smith
Laura Webb
Terri West

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Office of Information Technology

OIT is developing a self-service tool to guide researchers through service offerings, and also expanding access to virtual machines for Ph.D. students and postdocs.

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Office for Research & Innovation

ORI can help researchers navigate resources and provide regulatory assistance. It has begun hiring support staff capable of providing consistent research support to all Duke units regardless of funding level.

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Duke University Libraries

The Libraries are adding personnel to support domain-specific research and data management, particularly in the natural/basic sciences, social sciences, and digital humanities.

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