The Research Project Management Core (RPMC) provides project management support for non-clinical research projects.

The RPMC is made up of project managers with a variety of skillsets and backgrounds who can be efforted out on short-term or long-term research projects at varying levels of effort. The expertise of the project managers in the RPMC spans many disciplines (arts and humanities, social sciences, public policy, natural sciences) and includes regulatory compliance, complex program management, event coordination, website and social media management, and more.

Related support may be available through other entities, such as Duke University LibrariesDuke Office of Clinical ResearchClinical & Translational Science Institute. The RPMC can help identify the appropriate entity.

Request Support

Requests should ideally be made a month or more in advance to ensure appropriate staffing for the request. The RPMC may need to hire additional personnel to meet larger effort requests. 

Project Management Request Form

Example services the RPMC can provide


  • Coordinate and plan meetings and events
  • Manage communications, websites, and social media 
  • Manage reporting, project milestones, and deliverables



  • Advise on resources and best practices for recruitment, data management, and other project aspects 
  • Liaise between collaborators and grants management staff for award or project start-up activities
  • Develop and review project plans, protocols, and study materials
  • Assist with recruitment and retention efforts
  • Advise and assist with dissemination of research findings



  • Team facilitation and elicitation of shared research goals
  • Develop standard procedures to train project personnel
  • Assist with recruitment and hiring of students or trainees
  • Mentor project personnel to manage the project independently


  • Liaise with research development and administrative staff
  • Develop and drive proposal timelines
  • Organize and coordinate file sharing 



  • Pair partial project management needs to create a shared full-time position
  • Assist with writing job descriptions for project management positions
  • Provide training opportunities for students and research personnel to learn project management skills

Effort Costs and Allocations

Estimated costs for effort from the RPMC include the current fringe benefit rates and the salary of the assigned project manager. Costs depend on the complexity of needs of the project and background of the project manager assigned.

Current monthly rates are $700-$1,000 per 10% effort (approximately four hours per week).

Effort may be allocated to sponsored funds (as allowable in the terms and conditions of the award), internal awards, or departmental/discretionary funds. Estimated costs do not include any allocated Facilities & Administrative (F&A) rates, if applicable. F&A rates should be discussed with the assigned grant manager to determine total overall costs.

Example Effort Allocations and Associated Rates

Effort NeededApproximate Hours Per WeekMonthly Effort RateExample Engagements for this Amount of Effort
  1. Assistance with small events or symposia in conjunction with a study team member (4-6 month engagement)
  2. Managing research program website and social media (ongoing engagement)
  1. Developing standard operating procedures, protocols, and other study materials (4-12 month engagement)
  2. Coordinating study team meetings, driving milestones and timelines for less complex projects (ongoing engagement)
  3. Organizing logistics for multi-day research symposia and conferences (6-12 month engagement)
  1. Managing collaborations, sponsor reporting deadlines, milestones, and project outputs for more complex projects or multiple projects (ongoing engagement)

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