Dual Use Project


Dual use studies occur when a researcher is performing a service for another organization that involves the collection of data AND the researcher wishes to the data for his or her own research AND/OR initiate a research component, such as a survey.

The organization may be a non-governmental organization, a local governmental organization, a program, association, clinic, or other service provider.

Usually the organization has defined project that must be accomplished by the student/intern/researcher.

Informed Consent

Informed consent must be sought to use data collected on behalf of the organization for research purposes or to add a research component. If the data gathered for the organization will be combined with additional data collected by the researcher, the consent form must make this clear.

If the setting is one is which services are provided, the consent form must make emphasize that a decision not to participate will have no effect on the services received.

Please see the Sample ­Dual Use Consent Form


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Campus IRB