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Jul 13, 2015
Researchers learn to measure aging process in young adults
Associate Professor Shee-Mei Lok of Duke-NUS
Jul 10, 2015
Found: Antibody that zaps resilient dengue serotype
Herd of African elephants in Tanzania
Jul 1, 2015
Some animals are protected from mutations that cause diseases in humans
WRP binding structure
Jun 29, 2015
Warren Grill
Jun 26, 2015
Possible Parkinson's treatment wins NIH Javits Award
Australian Budgies
Jun 26, 2015
Regions of bird's brain likely duplicated at least 29 million years ago
Amboseli baboons
Jun 19, 2015
Findings have implications for human health, fertility
Angel Harris
Jun 10, 2015
Research addresses the racial divide in classroom performance
Jun 5, 2015
Problem worse for smaller companies with fewer resources