Authorship Dispute Board

The Authorship Dispute Board will convene to hear matters of authorship dispute that cannot be resolved at the local level by the authors themselves or in consultation with the laboratory chief, chair or head of department(s), or dean, as appropriate. The Board will be composed of one chair and three additional faculty members jointly appointed by the Provost and the Dean of the School of Medicine and approved by the Executive Committee of the Academic Council, two ex officio members of the administration, the Vice President for Research & Innovation, and the Vice Dean for Basic Science, one graduate or professional student appointed by the Graduate and Professional Student Council, and one postdoctoral fellow appointed by the Duke University Postdoctoral Association. If appropriate, the Board may call upon the expertise of other members of the Duke University faculty. 

Term: Three Years


Term Ending August 31, 2021

Deborah Muoio, Chair, School of Medicine

Kyle Beardsley, Political Science (will not serve spring 2021)

Cagla Eroglu, Cell Biology

Duke University Postdoctoral Association representative to be named

Vijay Chaudhary, Graduate and Professional Student Council representative


Term Ending August 31, 2022

Patrick Charbonneau, Chemistry


Ex Officio

Colin Duckett, Vice Dean for Basic Sciences, School of Medicine

Jennifer Francis, Executive Vice Provost


Campus Conflict of Interest Committee

Appointed by the Provost and approved by the Executive Committee of the Academic Council, the Committee is chaired by the Vice President for Research & Innovation and is a standing committee of the University with voting representatives drawn from the campus schools (Arts & Sciences and Trinity College, Sanford School of Public Policy, Fuqua School of Business, Divinity School, School of Law, Nicholas School of the Environment, and Pratt School of Engineering). Members of Duke’s administration and legal counsel serve ex officio. The Committee is responsible for the review and management of reported or otherwise identified potential conflicts of interest regarding individuals with a primary appointment in one of the campus schools, centers, or institutions of Duke University. The Committee's primary function is to protect the integrity of Duke's research and education missions, as well as the integrity of the organization and the individual.

Term: Two to Three Years


Term Ending August 31, 2021

Stuart Benjamin, School of Law

Joseph Blocher, School of Law

Steven Churchill, Evolutionary Anthropology

Kathleen Donohue, Biology

Marc Jeuland, Sanford School of Public Policy

Gabriel Katul, Nicholas School of the Environment

Arti Rai, School of Law

Nimmi Ramanujam, Pratt School of Engineering


Term Ending August 31, 2022

Wayne Norman, Philosophy

Kevin Shang, Fuqua School of Business

Adam Wax, Pratt School of Engineering


Ex Officio

Scott Elengold, Office of University Counsel

Keith Hurka-Owen, Office of Research Support

Greg Samsa, Chair of School of Medicine COI Committee

Holly Williams, Campus Institutional Review Board


Research Policy Advisory Committee

The Research Policy Advisory Committee (RPAC) is advisory to the Vice President of Research & Innovation. It’s charged with reviewing and improving research policies and procedures, identifying policy and procedural gaps and challenges, and conducting an ongoing assessment of administrative burden with the goal of enhancing efficiencies and optimizing the conduct and administration of research at Duke University. To do so, the Committee is comprised of business and administrative leaders from the research enterprise at Duke University, as appointed by the Vice President of Research & Innovation in consultation with the Associate Vice Presidents for Research and the Research Policy Manager. Furthermore, the RPAC solicits faculty input and feedback through coordination and connections to the Faculty Subcommittee of the Executive Research Oversight Committee (EROC), and other guiding bodies in the University community as needed. The RPAC is the primary steward for completing the Research Policy Handbook.



Office of the Provost

Chief of Staff, Provost

Hallie Knuffman*

Office for Research & Innovation

Associate Vice Presidents for Research

Geeta Swamy, MD Chris Freel, PhD, MBA

Duke Office of Scientific Integrity

Assistant Dean, Research Facilitation

Lindsey Spangler

School of Medicine Office of the Dean

Associate Dean, School of Medicine Research Administration

Laurianne Torres

Office of Counsel

Associate General Counsel

Judy Faubert

Financial Compliance

Post Award Financial Management

Gail Bullock

Office of Counsel

Associate General Counsel

Scott Elengold, J.D.

Duke Office of Research Initiatives

Program Director, myRESEARCHpath

Jamie Wylie*

Office for Research & Innovation

Research Policy Manager

Alyssa Dack


*These individuals are included in order to provide strategic coordination and cohesion with key University initiatives, the Faculty Handbook and myRESEARCHpath.

**When determined necessary, the Policy Manager will invite other Institutional actors and leaders to provide input and expertise on areas such as International Research Administration, Conflict of Interest or Internal Review Board processes.


Licensing and Ventures Board

The Licensing and Ventures Board consists of seven members. Five Board members shall be selected from the faculty and two from the administration. Three of the faculty members shall be selected by the Chancellor of Health Affairs (Chancellor), in consultation with the Dean of the School of Medicine; the Provost shall select two faculty from campus schools in consultation with the deans of those schools. One of the campus representatives shall be a faculty member in the Pratt School of Engineering. The Chancellor shall select the School of Medicine administrative representative, and the Provost will select the campus administrative representative. The Board will be co-chaired by the campus and School of Medicine administrative representatives. The director of the Office for Translation & Commercialization shall be a non-voting ex-officio member of the Board and the Board shall designate an ex-officio secretary of the Board. A designated member of the Counsel’s Office shall also be a non-voting ex-officio member of the Board. The director of the Office for Translation & Commercialization shall report jointly to the Provost and Chancellor, or their designees, who would be the administrative members of the Board. The Board shall: (1) Receive and review the annual report of the director of the OLV and consult with the director of the OLV when requested; (2) Report to the President or designee on the implementation of this policy, and recommend such new or different policies or guidelines as may be more suitable for the achievement of its objectives; (3) Sit as a tribunal for the resolution of specific disputes involving the ownership of and equities involved in inventions, on appeal from decisions of the director of the Office for Translation & Commercialization; (4) Receive requests for interpretations of this policy and, after deliberation, recommend to the President such interpretations as it considers appropriate; and (5) Receive, review and recommend to the Chancellor and Provost the licensing and ventures budget as annually submitted by the director of the Office for Translation & Commercialization.

Term: Three Years


Scott Gibson, Executive Vice Dean for Administration, School of Medicine (Co-Chair and Chancellor administrative representative)


Ann Bradley, Office of the University Counsel

Jeffrey Glass, Pratt School of Engineering

Donald McDonnell, School of Medicine

Arti Rai, School of Law

Svati Shah, School of Medicine

Cynthia Toth, School of Medicine

Jennifer West, Pratt School of Engineering