"I’m excited to provide a testimonial on how awesome our grant manger has been to work with! When I started at Duke in January, I was completely new to the University and to the grants management process. From day one, your office has been there to patiently guide me on all things grants – from understanding NIH guidelines, to carryover requests, to crafting new budget proposals. We even have weekly meetings to go over any outstanding issues. I don’t know what I would do without our grant manager – she’s fantastic!"

- Amy, Associate in Research, Sanford School of Public Policy 


"Just wanted to write a brief note to express my thanks at the tremendous support I received from your office in my recent NSF dissertation research fellowship. Truly, this was the most complex and painstakingly difficult fellowship I've applied for to date -- and I've submitted countless fellowship applications for dissertation research -- and the intricacies often tempted me to throw in the towel; it was your grant manager's encouragement and willingness to assist every step of the way that was the missing link to my bringing the application to full fruition. So, just wanted to drop a note reflecting my profound appreciation of her work. Many thanks."

- Daanish, Visiting Scholar, Rutgers University


"Duke Law School has received excellent customer service from our CGMT grant manager.  She is attentive, thorough, knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with.  We’ve appreciated her help as we’ve establish new research centers, and her prompt answers to our many, many questions.  Our administrators and faculty couldn’t be happier with the service we’ve received from CGMT."

- Renee, Director of Finance, Duke University Law School


"We consider grants management as one of the most important supports PIs have.  A competent grants manager plays the role of the backbone of a grant.  They are knowledgeable about all pre- and post-award procedures, university and federal agencies’ requirements, and provides PIs support and help regarding all financial matters relevant to a grant. PIs are not in a position to know all that information and that is why grants managers are so invaluable. The staff of the newly-developed Campus Grants Management Team have been wonderful to work with. They have worked around the clock to familiarize themselves with our projects and proposals. Whenever we‘ve had a question, they were super responsive and available for meetings or phone discussions.  Moreover, they were willing to help us individualize our monthly reports to better fit our needs. Their dedication is top notch."

- Christina, Research Scholar, Sanford School of Public Policy