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WNV vaccine

A radioactive tracer shows initial delivery of a liquid vaccine against West Nile Virus that has been squirted into the nose of a rabbit. The rabbit's larger nasal cavity is a better model for how the vaccine might work in human noses than a mouse nose had been.

May 6, 2014

Duke Labs Pursuing Powdered Nasal Vaccine Against West Nile

Two doses over 14 days could slow an outbreak

By Marla Vacek Broadfoot

Brian Hare and Lola Ya Bonobo

Going to the Source

Anthropologists examine relatives and friends, seeking both sides of our nature

Finite Oceans Need Firm Policies

Finite Oceans Need Firm Policies

Marine Lab pair turn measurement into action

Early Steps

Half of Duke Undergraduates Get Research Experience

Lesley Chapman

Profile: Lesley Chapman

Lab experience opens up a whole new world

Jonathan Russell

Profile: Jonathan Russell

Hard part was getting out of the lab

Anita Pai

Profile: Anita Pai

Interest in dance led to honors thesis

Sally Liu

Profile: Sally Liu

Undergrad connects with young faculty to vault ahead

Nenad Bursac

Engineering the Heart

Damaged Heart Muscle Could Use Stem Cell Patch

David Needham

Tiny Trojan Horse Targets Tumors

How to Build a Heat-Sensitive Liposome

The Evolution of a Tumor Engineer

The Evolution of a Tumor Engineer

Needham's synthetic fat globules smuggle drugs into a tumor

Five Questions on Monkeys and Math

Five Questions on Monkeys and Math

Thinking About Numbers Doesn't Require Words

Turning Motion into Data

Turning Motion Into Data

High Tech Equipment Measures Surgical Outcomes

Perfect Symmetry

Perfect Symmetry

Smart Home's Gu Twins

Smart Home, Social Hub

Smart Home, Social Hub

Sustainable Living Lab Draws a Crowd

Ana P. Barros

Five Questions About Rainfall and Drought for Ana Barros

It's complicated: Rainfall is affected by global patterns, and landforms.


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