Zebrafish Reveals Infection’s Sci-Fi-Worthy Creep Into the Brain
Pockets of bad bugs marked to summon cleanup crew
Research in Lake Mattamuskeet, NC
Birds are a hobby, an obsession, a career
Kendra Smyth meerkat
Stress, social interaction leave her susceptible to worms


Lawrence Carin, PhD, Vice Provost for Research

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by Thabit Pulak
October 6, 2015
Living in Few dorm has its perks, aside from being right beside the bus stop. My faculty-in-...
by Devin Nieusma
October 6, 2015
In order to win Duke’s 16th annual Start-Up Challenge, Afreen Allam only had to cross the...
by Madeline Halpert
October 6, 2015
Brian Hare wants to know why humans are such big babies.   Well,  that was just the provocative...