Twin brothers
Data from 20-year twins study to be shared by Duke community
Dr. Ephraim Tsalik assesses Charles Watts for a respiratory infection in the ER at the Durham VA Medical Center.
A blood test can tell if antibiotics are needed
Paul Modrich
‘Unsung heroes’ support research, including Nobel Prize winners
John H. Gibbons
Duke-trained physicists took roles in industry, government, academics

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by Robin Smith
February 12, 2016
In this letter written nearly 150 years ago, Charles Darwin asks whether nest-building is something...
by Olivia Zhu
February 11, 2016
Matthew McCann, Pratt ’16, spent his summer translating thoughts into movements. A biomedical...
by Karl Bates
February 10, 2016
Ever wondered what a cleaner shrimp can see? Or how the force of a footstep moves from particle to...