Take pictures at more than 300,000 times magnification with electron microscopes at Duke. Design by Jon Fuller.
Gaze at worlds too small to see with the naked eye
Grendel the Aye-Aye
Natural antifungal in fruit believed to cause heart damage
plasmonic parrots
New technology creates images beyond visible spectrum on a single chip
Lin Whichard
Two Duke teams involved in $170 million national effort

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by Lola Sanchez-Carrion
February 27, 2017
We often view climate change and air pollution as two separate entities. But, the two issues are...
by Karl Bates
February 10, 2017
One of the body’s first lines of defense against harmful pathogens is the skin. The constant...
by Karl Bates
February 2, 2017
“Can you make a photosynthetic human?!” an 8th grader enthusiastically asks me while staring at a...