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Duke University Research

  • Junkyard Physics

    Surplus parts being assembled to catch a neutrino interaction nobody has seen.

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  • Inside the Monkey Brain


    Watching primates make social decisions in the lab and in the field

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  • Environmental Influences on Health, Starting Before Birth

    Emerging field of "epigenetics" studies the signals that tell DNA to work.

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  • Saving Madagascar, One parcel at a time

    A Malagasy naturalist builds a private reserve for lemurs -- and schoolchildren -- with support from the Duke Lemur Center.

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  • Western Wildfire: Hotter, Faster, More Frequent

    Policies to "fireproof" the west have had the opposite effect.

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  • How to Tag a Shark (and keep all your fingers)

    Student blogger gets more than she bargained for at Miami conference.

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  • Microbes R Us

    Exploring the microbiome and its role in health and disease

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  • Picturing Duke Science

    Photographers get sneak peek at Duke science

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Research Voices

Research Voices

hESC on cardiac laminin
A Picture is Worth 1100 Words


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