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WNV vaccine

A radioactive tracer shows initial delivery of a liquid vaccine against West Nile Virus that has been squirted into the nose of a rabbit. The rabbit's larger nasal cavity is a better model for how the vaccine might work in human noses than a mouse nose had been.

May 6, 2014

Duke Labs Pursuing Powdered Nasal Vaccine Against West Nile

Two doses over 14 days could slow an outbreak

By Marla Vacek Broadfoot

Physics on a Shoestring Budget

Building a neutrino detector with scraps and ingenuity

Baby Macaque on Cayo Santiago

Inside the Monkey Brain

Watching primates make social decisions in the lab and in the field

Cathrine Hoyo

Environmental Influences on Health, Starting Before Birth

Emerging field of "epigenetics" studies the signals that tell DNA to work

DukeEngage in Madagascar

DukeEngage in Madagascar

Pioneering pair of students count fish and cows

Rabary Desire

Saving Madagascar, One parcel at a time

Duke-supported private reserve is one man's lifeboat of biodiversity

charred trunks

Western Wildfire: Hotter, Faster, More Frequent

Despite ‘Truly Terrifying’ Stats, Researchers Believe Future Risks Can be Reduced

Shannon Switzer

How to Tag a Shark (and keep all your fingers)

Memorable field trip caps student's Miami experience

Flame Retardants Make Dust Bunnies Dangerous

Chemicals in dust are as concentrated as in sewage sludge.

flame retardants

Flame Retardants' Effects on Health

This list shows how flame retardants affect humans and animals.

Undergrad Researchers Put Their Names on History

Summer projects led to co-authorship of two Science papers

Skull of Sediba MH1

Maybe Lucy Wasn't Your Mom

Paleo-anthropologist finds himself in a three million year old argument

Darryl Smith

Feel My Pain

Improving care for people with sickle cell disease in the emergency department

Crucifixion, Capanna

Lasers ID ancient artists' intent

A new laser system aids art conservation and restoration.

duke students

Duke's deep bench scores on the Higgs boson search

Physicists and their students play a critical role in new particle discovery.


Social Media Map May Protect Last Great Marine Wilderness

Citizen scientists to use social media to document ecosystems and development in Western Australia.


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