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Receiving newsfeeds requires using a freely downloadable program called an RSS reader or aggregator. Many RSS readers are available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and a variety of handheld devices. Some RSS readers must be installed on the user's computer. Several of the most popular services, such as Google Reader and Bloglines run on websites and are accessed through an Internet browser. RSS is also built into many web browsers and e-mail programs. Apple's Safari, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 and the free Firefox browser already allow downloading and viewing RSS feeds, which Firefox calls "live bookmarks." The Thunderbird e-mail program also includes an RSS reader. Once you've got a reader, you can select a newsfeed by clicking on the topic name and then following your reader's directions. Some readers just ask you to click on another button to add the feed, others require copying a small block of code into your RSS reader. The RSS feed you receive from Duke Research will show headlines, summaries and links back to a Duke site for complete stories.

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RSS also enables you to incorporate newsfeeds into your website and blog pages. Please feel free to incorporate headlines, story descriptions and links to the Duke Research web site, but make sure you let people know the content is from the Duke University Office of News & Communications.