With the launch of the RTI-Duke Global Development Initiative (GDI) in October 2018, RTI and Duke University united to leverage their diverse expertise and capabilities, and build on existing collaborations, to make a global impact and fulfill their complementary global missions.

The initiative has three main objectives:

  1. Secure new, joint business to achieve greater global impact
  2. Support next-generation development professionals by engaging Duke students in RTI research and project implementation
  3. Raise the profile of RTI and Duke and their work in development through joint events and publications.

Now in its second year, the RTI-Duke GDI has made great strides in expanding upon previous collaboration, increasing working relationships among experts in key development sectors, and facilitating new and improved partnerships (see our Newsletters for implementation details).

Select noteworthy achievements and results include:

New Business
Student Engagement
  • Collaboration on Duke Data+ faculty/student research team. RTI and Duke collaborated on the Big Data 4 Reproductive Health Data+ team to develop a web-based, open-platform tool/app that visualizes DHS data and measures contraceptive discontinuation around the world (see this video for more).

  • Award of jointly developed Duke-RTI Bass Connections proposal, Understanding Men’s Involvement in Family Planning Care in the PhilippinesThis project leverages RTI and Duke investments through the RTI University Scholars Program that supports Eleanor Stevenson from the Duke School of Nursing in her collaboration with Cristina Bisson in RTI’s Global Health Division. (See this RTI-Duke webinar for more on Bass Connections and how you might get involved).

  • Two Duke Global Health Institute master’s students complete Independent Study internships with RTI in Fall 2018.  See the news story published by Duke featuring intern Julie Zemke, who worked with RTI’s Applied Public Research Center on Global Health Security activities.

Raising Profile