For Researchers


Fish HeartOffice of Research Support (ORS) - Provides pre-award grant and contract support, and monitors funding opportunities, compliance, and conflict of interest for all Campus units. 

ORS-West - An ORS satellite office located in the heart of West Campus that provides convenient face-to-face service for all aspects of the grant administrative process.

Office of Research Administration (ORA) - Provides pre-award support, services, and training for all of Duke Health

Sponsored Projects System (SPS) - Electronic system for sponsored project proposal submission and management.

Grants.duke - System used to transmit grant proposals to federal sponsors through



Office of Sponsored Programs - Financial reporting, compliance monitoring, reimbursements, documentation and training.

Research Costing Compliance - Guides the research community in managing sponsored projects funding and interpreting  policy.



Office of Licensing And Ventures - Provides licensing and new venture creation service for the campus and the medical center.

Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship - An academic unit providing education, research, and translation to expand Duke's fundamental knowledge of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Duke Office of Clinical Research (DOCR) - Supports faculty, staff, and students in developing the “navigation, tools, and training” for the conduct of clinical research.



Animal Care & Use Program - Provides services and oversight for research involving experimental animal models.

Occupational & Environmental Safety Office (OESO) - Promotes a safe working and learning environment for the Duke Community.

Conflict of Interest (Campus COI) - Reviews COI issues and provides services to Campus-based faculty and scholars. 

Research Integrity Office (RIO) - Ensures quality review, management, and reporting of conflicts of interest for Duke Health.

Research Misconduct Reporting - Contacts for handling and reporting issues regarding research misconduct.

Office of Export Controls - Provides consultation and monitoring to the research community to ensure compliance with institutional, state, and federal export control laws.

Human Subjects Protections Program (Campus IRB) -  Provides proposal preparation training and pre-review of submissions to the Campus IRB for non-medical research projects.

Duke University Health System Institutional Review Board (DUHS IRB) - Reviews proposals involving human subjects research from all Duke Health units.

Campus Oversight Organization for DUHS IRB Protocols - Supports Campus faculty submitting protocols to the Duke University Health System Institutional Review Board.



CoreResearch@Duke - Our centralized hub for scheduling and billing for core laboratory use.

Core research facilities - A listing of shared resources facilities maintained by the School of Medicine

Faculty Research Mentoring & Recognition - Provides a host of research related faculty development programs including workshops, seminars, and symposia covering a broad range of topics.

Federal Relations - Represents the interests of Duke faculty, students and staff on matters of legislation and regulations before the federal government.

Global Programs - A collection of administrative services assisting with communications, operations, and strategy for Duke initiatives around the world.

Government Relations  - Represents Duke on health-related matters in Washington, and all policy matters at the state house in Raleigh.

Mobile App Gateway - The entry point for support of digital health and mobile app research and development throughout Duke Health and Duke University

Mousebase@Duke - A searchable database of experimental mouse models maintained by Duke researchers.

Oak Ridge National Lab - Go! Collaboration program for graduate students.

Postdoctoral Services  - Serves as the liaison between postdocs, faculty, administrators, and staff.

Research Computing - Provides cluster computing, storage, protected environments for sensitive data, and tailored virtual machines.

Research Data Services and Support - Recommendations of the Duke Digital Research Faculty Working Group

Research Publishing (University Libraries) - Provides data management and archiving and open-access archiving of published works.

Research Support (University Libraries) - Provides subject specialists, data consultation, data visualization.

RTI-Duke Global Development Initiative - Partnership with RTI to leverage talents at both institutions to pursue problems in global health.

RTI University Scholars Program - Provides support for collaborative research projects between Duke and RTI scholars.

Social Science Research Institute Project Development - Provides pre-award and post-award services, research development, training and networking.

Undergraduate Research - Provides grants and assistantships for undergraduate  projects, creative arts projects, travel to conferences, and summer programs.



Scholars at Duke - Searchable gateway to more than 3,000 faculty and 200,000 published works.