Research Data Initiative 

Faculty and staff engaged in this initiative are working across the institution to develop a cohesive framework of policies, procedures, and processes to support high-quality research through sound data management at the institution.  

The Research Data Initiative (RDI), led by Assistant VP John Dolbow within the Office for Research and Innovation, aims to equip the research community to care for data and avoid problems such as lost or stolen data, retracted articles, and studies and reputational harm. 

The RDI’s current efforts include: 

  • Reviewing existing resources, practices, and policies around security, management, retention, and analysis from across the institution 

  • Highlighting opportunities for Duke to increase its ability to efficiently and effectively manage existing risk 

  • Evaluating and present recommendations for meeting funder and publisher requirements for research data 

  • Facilitating data sharing by a diverse set of scientists and researchers from around the university 


Research Data Policy 

One of the major goals of the RDI was to update the policy and associated processes and resources to reflect the current data landscape, with an increased emphasis on sharing and access. The policy, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and documents associated with the policy’s development can be found below.  

Contact the Research Data Initiative Team for questions about the initiative or policy. 


Research IT Needs Assessment

Alongside the Office of Information Technology and the Duke Libraries, the Research Data Initiative  within OR&I is participating in a comprehensive strategic review of research Support/IT needs across Duke. 

Access the Research IT Needs Phase 1 Assessment: Summary Report and Recommendations

Access the Research Needs Phase 2: Report and Service Recommendations