In partnership with other institutional offices, the Office of Research and Innovation (OR&I) supports the needs of provost area faculty, staff and students using sensitive or regulated data for their research.  Researchers within the Schools of Medicine or Nursing can receive assistance from their Clinical Research Unit for projects involving regulated data.  

Services for these projects are provided directly by OR&I:

  • Assists researchers outside of the Schools of Medicine and Nursing in assessing the need for, and coordinating to obtain, research approvals and documents (including Data Use Agreements (DUAs), Data Management Plans (DMPs), and IRB protocols).
  • Coordinates with OIT to ensure that Duke can adequately meet the computational and technical requirements of the research.  
  • Provides administrative oversight for projects with regulatory or contractual needs.
  • Provides consultations to researchers working with data providers or complex, sensitive data.


You don't need to have all the details of your project worked out --  fill in what you know and we will discuss next steps. Our staff will guide you through the process and requirements.

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When should I contact OR&I about my research data?

Researchers in provost area schools should consider using these services when working with primary or secondary data that requires a data contract/agreement, or anything classified as Sensitive according to the Duke standard. This can include data obtained from external data providers, as well as financial or HR data, or data regulated by HIPAA, FERPA, etc.


How do I work with data available in an external enclave?

If an opportunity exists to leverage an externally-managed enclave for storage and analysis of protected research data, it is both best practice and preferred that Duke researchers use the external provider's resource. If external data provider enclaves are not suitable or available for use, please reach out to the OR&I data team ( to discuss appropriate options available at Duke for data storage and analysis.


I need help with my existing PRDN project

Users of the PRDN, which will be transitioned to a new enclave soon, should use this request form for assistance. Completion of this request form will generate a Service Now ticket.

Access instructions for the PRDN can be found here.

Contact for questions about working with regulated data, or check out the Resource page for help. 


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