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 September 20, 2021

Research Reminder

For research involving human participants, a Certificate of Confidentiality (CoC) provides additional protections to investigators and the institution against compulsory disclosure of identifying information about enrolled participants. The process for obtaining a CoC varies depending on the sponsor and the project oversite. To help navigate CoC requests, new guidance is now available on myRESEARCHpath, including identifying the designated signing official for your project.


Updates & Announcements

Duke’s proposed Research Data policies

Over the past year, The Office for Research & Innovation and faculty, staff and University leadership campus-wide have collaborated to draft a cohesive framework of policies to support robust research practices at Duke. The final policies will be released in December 2021 and take effect January 2023. The policies, which were last updated in 2007, will supersede the current Policy on Research Records in Appendix P of the Faculty Handbook.

Because the initiative seeks to update the policy as well as the associated processes that support researchers at Duke, The Office for Research & Innovation (OR&I) is seeking input on the policies relating to the management, access, and transfer of research data and outputs owned or used by Duke University research personnel.

The Request for Input (RFI) will be open from September 15 – October 6 and we want to hear from you! Please be on the lookout for future communications from the OR&I that will include links to the draft policy as well as to a REDCAP survey where the community can provide feedback.

You can access the draft policy here and the survey with which to provide your feedback here.


Change Is Coming - Are you open to it?

Open Scholarship is a trend that has been growing in academia for some time from publishing in open access journals to making other research outputs including data, code, and software more broadly available. There are numerous benefits to these practices both for the public and for individual researchers including increasing the impact and trustworthiness of Duke research. Recent U.S. funder policies and laws are further codifying these practices. If you are ready to engage in more open practices, Duke Libraries can help. Read more about these growing trends and how Duke Libraries might support your goals in their recent blog post.


Resources & Tools

Coming Soon: “Welcome to Your Award”

Tailored notifications for NIH, NSF, and DOD awards

Beginning in October, “Welcome to Your Award” will officially launch as a new initiative to notify newly awarded investigators and their grant managers about important information and requirements for their award. Delivered via an email series, “Welcome to Your Award” will provide tailored information regarding award terms and conditions, award initiation activities, project management activities, and sponsor reporting. The initial launch will include standard NIH, NSF, and DOD grants but plans are in place to expand to other sponsors and award types in the near future.


Data Management Planning Requests in myRESEARCHhome

Quickly request expert guidance with data management planning in myRESEARCHhome. Select, 'Data Management Planning' from the 'Submit A Request' menu at the top of the dashboard to access the Redcap quick request form. Whether you're developing a data management plan for a funder requirement, trying to deposit your data into a repository, or curating your research data to share, the ASIST and Duke Libraries DVS teams will receive your request and guide you through the process. Find the request form and a host of other useful features at


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