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Grendel the Aye-Aye
Jan 3, 2017
Natural antifungal in fruit believed to cause heart damage
plasmonic parrots
Jan 3, 2017
New technology creates images beyond visible spectrum on a single chip
Lin Whichard
Jan 1, 2017
Two Duke teams involved in $170 million national effort
Rio's Port Zone
Dec 13, 2016
Duke Students On the Ground During Brazil's Troubled Summer
Photo by Theresa Thompson / Flickr
Nov 29, 2016
Students analyze effects of redistricting on congressional elections
shotgun marriage is on the rise among some groups
Nov 2, 2016
Some people still want to get married before the baby is born
A large herder family lives in a trio of traditional yurts on the Mongolian steppe.
Nov 1, 2016
Students capture ticks, rodents, horses, camels, sheep, goats and yaks on the steppe
Oct 6, 2016