Introducing the Research Policy Manual

A Unified Resource for Duke University's Research Community

The Office for Research & Innovation (OR&I) is pleased to announce the publication of the Research Policy Manual, a resource compiling Duke University’s current research policies into a single, well-organized, and searchable volume. The Research Policy Manual, now available in a web-based platform, makes research policies easy to find so all individuals in the research community can know and apply the institutional expectations and principles for the design, conduct, and reporting of research at Duke.

The policies within the Research Policy Manual do not hold new requirements or expectations for the Duke research community. Many will recognize policies that previously appeared in parts of the Faculty Handbook and across Duke websites. These have been consolidated into one location and reviewed and revised, as needed, to contain updated hyperlinks, current office names and program titles, and language reflecting today’s research environment. From the Research Policy Manual introduction through the final chapter, it is clear that these policies are applicable to any individual engaged in research, from undergraduate students, trainees, research and administrative staff to faculty and investigators.

The publication of the Research Policy Manual represents a collaboration between OR&I, the Office of the Provost, the Executive Committee of Academic Council (ECAC), and University leadership. It was supported and made possible by contributions and feedback from numerous subject matter experts and dedicated staff.

See the Full Contents of the Research Policy Manual →

We are excited to make this resource available to the community so that we may all continue our pursuit of research excellence and integrity.


Duke Office for Research & Innovation