Insight Into myRESEARCHpath's Success and Recent Enhancements

Since the launch of myRESEARCHpath in January 2021, the stakeholders and project team of the service have utilized feedback from the research community to enhance its features and functionality. Most recently, technical enhancements to the service included additional persistent "Customize Your Path" filters, a pop-up modal to encourage users to apply these filters, consolidated search results, a stage for topics outside the project lifecycle, and a new landing page for research administration and operational updates.

Additionally, several new topic pages have been created in myRESEARCHpath, including career management for research administrators, humanities research support, research involving international activities or collaborations, and the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy. Significant edits were also made to the pages providing guidance on effort management and returning results to participants.

As myRESEARCHpath has become a valuable resource for researchers across Duke, there has been a 215% increase in average monthly access of the site in 2022 compared to 2021. In 2023, the myRESEARCHpath stakeholders and project team will evaluate additional enhancements and content as a continued commitment to leveraging myRESEARCHpath in supporting the research community in navigating research at Duke.


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