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A territorial male Stenocercus lache in Colombia's Cocuy National Park

Improving His Reputation

<p>A territorial male <em>Stenocercus lache</em> struts his colors in Colombia's Cocuy National Park last summer. Duke student Tiz Mogoll&oacute;n (2009), with support from <a href="http://dukeengage.duke.edu/"><strong>DukeEngage</strong></a>, the Humboldt Institute and the Colombian National Park Service, slept in a tent amid snow high in the Andes to map the distribution of this 10-inch lizard. She and Colombian student Camilo Escall&oacute;n, who took this photo, also developed posters and school curriculum to help local people understand that the lizard is not poisonous, contrary to local fable. <em>Stenocercus</em> is endangered not only by human behavior but by climate change which may limit its high-altitude habitat.</p>