I can’t get to my research site and my research will be severely impacted.  Will the sponsor provide incremental funding and/or additional time so that I can successfully complete the aims of the award? 

Federal agencies have released guidance providing differing levels of administrative flexibility for ongoing research projects. Projects should consult the Agency-Specific Updates for information relevant to their funding organizations. In general, if the impacts from COVID-19 will result in a change in budget or scope of the project, the project should communicate such issues to their program officer or grants management specialist by following the COVID-19 Notice to Sponsors process.

As a reminder, recipients are required to (1) inform their program officer and grants officer if the need arises for additional Federal funds to complete the project; and (2) federal agency notification is required as soon as “problems, delays, or adverse conditions which will materially impact the ability to meet the objective of the Federal award” is known. In the latter case, the notification must include a statement of the action taken or contemplated and any assistance needed to resolve the situation. It is possible that there will not be an answer yet on what is needed to resolve the situation; in that case, recipients should indicate that they will report back when more is known.  If you have this situation, contact the Office of Research Administration (ORA – Medicine/Nursing) or the Office of Research Support (ORS – Campus) to find out how to report it to an agency (email or via the agency’s online system). ORA/ORS must countersign such notifications/requests.