How will DLAR assist labs in providing supplies for animal work?

To facilitate continued physical distancing, the DLAR has implemented an ordering system to provide needed supplies to animal anterooms/vestibules, procedural areas, and housing rooms. An order form has been placed on the DLAR website ( that can be downloaded, or requested from an Assistant Manager/Operations Manager, and completed by research labs.  The completed form should be submitted to the Assistant Manager/Operation Manager of the respective vivarium area by 2 business days prior to intended use of the supplies. Items available for ordering include: additional cages, special bedding, enrichment devices, food treats, water bottles, deprivation caps and tags, and other needs.

Note: DLAR pharmacy items may continue to be ordered by regular methods and information is available at  Controlled substances require scheduling for pickup, while other pharmacy items will be available by the front desk of the Central Vivarium.