Erich Huang, Lola Fayanju
More than your laptop can manage? That's Big Data.
Titan Krios Cryo-EM microscope
Cryo-EM microscope unleashes 'a tsunami' of new protein structures
Duke's 22 ivory dolls are among only 180 known to exist. (Photo: Mark Zupan)
Figurines remain a mystery, but 3D scanning Xray will make them easier to study
Humans aren't the only species eager to make a good first impression
Eye-tracking data reveal babies understand more than we realize

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by Karl Bates
September 20, 2019
Just about every day, there’s a new headline about this or that factor possibly contributing to...
by Karl Bates
September 19, 2019
Science is increasingly asking artificial intelligence machines to help us search and interpret...
by Robin Smith
September 12, 2019
Students finish among top 1% in 100-hour math modeling contest against 11,000 teams worldwide...