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Heart muscle of a zebrafish illuminated by green and red fluorescent proteins

The Heart as Art

<p>THE HEART MUSCLE of a Zebrafish has the remarkable ability to repair itself after injury. Kazu Kikuchi, a postdoctoral fellow in the cell biology lab of assistant professor <a href="http://www.cellbio.duke.edu/faculty/Poss/PossLabWebsite/research.htm">Ken Poss</a>, captured this view of cardiac muscle and endocardium illuminated by green and red fluorescent proteins to show the activity of individual cells 7 days after injury. &quot;What we are learning from this small fish may help people suffering from heart disease in the future,&quot; said Kikuchi, who won a photography prize for this image at the department's Fall retreat. (The type of fluorescent protein seen in this image won the 2008 <a href="http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/chemistry/laureates/2008/">Nobel prize in chemistry</a>.)</p>