Thank you to those who joined the Office for Research & Innovation for the 2024 Duke Centennial Research & Innovation Week, celebrating the past, present, and future of research and innovation at Duke. Stay tuned for information about Research & Innovation Week 2025.

Monday, January 29

Depolarizing Political Toxicity on Social Media


How does social media shape political polarization, and how does an interdisciplinary research team study it? We’ll discuss how we are translating our insights into tools people can use to hack political polarization from the bottom up.

Duke and NCCU


Join Duke and North Carolina Central University (NCCU) leaders as we discuss our rich history of collaboration and partnership and set a course for the future of Duke and NCCU collaborations.

Teaching Your Research: A Workshop Featuring Bass Instructional Fellows


If you are considering a faculty position after your Ph.D., you would likely benefit from the opportunity to design and/or teach an undergraduate course related to your dissertation research. Join this conversation featuring current and past Bass Fellows who have served as Instructors of Record (IOR) for an interactive workshop. The session will open with brief talks from the IORs about their process of approaching the course they designed and/or taught, followed by roundtable breakout discussions with participants for the chance to workshop their own plans.

Tuesday, January 30

Core Facilities Showcase


Duke provides a variety of shared resources for researchers to access equipment and services. Explore resource tables of the Core Facilities and Service Centers to see how they may be leveraged in supporting your research.

  • Lunch will be provided!

AI - A Glimpse of the Future

2:30-3:30pm (Registration full)

Delve into the new world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a panel of experts discuss its ever-evolving landscape and illuminate present and future trends shaping AI research, education, and policy.

Race, Ethnicity, and Politics Research


Duke's Department of Political Science was among the first departments in the country to include race and ethnicity as a distinct subfield of study for Ph.D. students in political science. Race, Ethnicity, and Politics (REP) is now one of the most vigorous and fastest growing areas of study and research in political science. This panel will examine Duke’s pioneering role in the evolution and development of the REP subfield. 

Wednesday, January 31

Research Town Hall - Integrity in Scholarship: The Next 100 Years


In an age where information is more accessible than ever, the ethical and practical dimensions of conducting research are constantly evolving. "Emerging Challenges in Research Integrity: The Next 100 Years" is a gathering for Duke faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members who are passionate about upholding the highest standards of research ethics. Engage with Duke experts discussing real-life examples of ethical challenges.

Attending this event fulfills the RCR-200 requirement, but participants must attend for at least 60 minutes to receive credit.

Daubechies Lecture: Being a Woman in Science and Leadership

11:00-12:00pm with lunch reception to follow the lecture

Keynote lecturer, Dr. Nancy Andrews, will provide an historical and personal perspective on how women’s opportunities and challenges have evolved over the past half century, how women continue to face inequities today, and how we can work towards a better future.

Researcher Fundamentals Sessions

2:00-4:45pm in Trent Semans Great Hall AND Duke Medicial Pavilion 2W93

Time LocationSessionDescriptionPresenters


Trent Semans Great Hall

Explaining the Duke Dollar

Explore the intricacies of Facilities and Administrative (F&A) rates, decoding the financial framework of research projects, institutional support, and the role these rates play in fostering sustainable support for research and innovation.

Barbara Hough

Nate Martinez-Wayman


Duke Medical Pavilion 2W93The Role of Universities in Federal Research PolicyFederal policy dictates many aspects of sponsored research, but what role do Universities have in shaping federal research policy? Join experts in the field to learn more about this important dialogue between Duke and policymakers.

Catherine Liao

Melissa Vetterkind


Duke Medical Pavilion 2W93Open ScholarshipA culture of open science and open scholarship is critical in ensuring transparency and accountability in research. Discover the processes and resources for engaging in open scholarship best practices in the realms of data, analytics, and publications.

Jen Darragh

Paolo Mangiafico

Megan Von Isenburg


Trent Semans Great HallBest Practices for Engaging in Community-Based ResearchExplore best practices and resources available to engage in equitable, authentic, and robust community-engaged research.

Isaretta Riley, M.D.

Jessica Sperling, Ph.D.


Duke Medical Pavilion 2W93Navigating International Research ChallengesResearch involving international activities or collaborations typically involves nuanced considerations or regulations. Join a panel of international research experts to learn how to navigate potential challenges, particularly in the data, administrative, and regulatory space.

Eve Duffy, Ph.D.

Broderick Grady, LL.M.

Mary Frances Luce, Ph.D.


Trent Semans Great HallNon-Faculty Research Career PathwaysInterested in a career in research but not sure the faculty route is right for you? Explore potential non-faculty career opportunities and the fulfilling experiences of others.

Lisa Cameron, Ph.D.

Mark Walters, Ph.D.

Thursday, February 1

Climate Solutions


The panel discussion will focus scientific, technological, and policy aspects of climate solution strategies.

Research Data Visualization Showcase


View submissions for the research data visualization competition focusing on the theme "Through Time." Data Visualization experts will judge entries in three career-stage categories and award First, Second, and Third place cash prizes in each category. 

Access additional information and submission instructions

  • Lunch will be provided!

Duke Research in 2124


What will invention, science and scholarship have created, discovered and solved 100 years from now? What vexing problems might not be solved? We convene a panel of young scholars and an audience who dare to dream and don’t mind making wild predictions.

Duke and the FDA


A panel of experts discuss the collaborative relationship between Duke and the FDA, exploring how it impacts regulatory policies, fosters innovation, and propels advancements in healthcare.

Friday, February 2

From Science to Society: How Discovery-Driven Research Makes an Impact


A panel of current and former Duke faculty, staff, students share their stories of successful innovations and entrepreneurial opportunities that resulted from their research.

Advancements in RNA Medicine


Explore the cutting-edge landscape of RNA medicine as this panel delves into the latest breakthroughs and a glimpse into the transformative potential of RNA in revolutionizing the future of healthcare.