Workshop: Community-Engaged and Community-Partnered Research

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Duke Office of Civic Engagement (DOCE) &

Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI), Office of Durham and Community Affairs, and Social Science Research Institute (SSRI)


Community Engaged Scholarship@Duke series

Engaging and partnering with community members and entities in research, sometimes in the form of research practice partnership, can be a powerful mechanism for ensuring research is appropriately situated within the context and utilized for social change. These concepts and processes are highly complex, and often quite challenging, both in theory and in practice. This session will introduce the meaning of "community-engaged research" and related terms, explore their relevance for both researchers and communities, and consider recommendations for enacting best practices. In partnership with the Social Science Research Institute (SSR).


Civic Engagement/Social Action, Diversity/Inclusion, Social Sciences, Lecture/Talk, Workshop/Short Course, Research, Volunteer/Community Service, Free Food and Beverages, and Webcast