US Income Tax Return Workshop for International Postdocs and Scholars (Residents for Tax Purposes ONLY*)



Starback, Molly


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Office of Postdoctoral Services


Margaret Hung, MLS, EA, Professional Tax Consultant, H&R Block

This workshop will provide a general overview of how to file US income tax returns for international postdocs and scholars who are residents for tax purposes*. Attendees will learn some general tax saving tips and also be alerted to some "red flags" to watch out for when filing a return. * If you are not sure whether you are a resident or non-resident for tax purposes, please see the "Taxes" section of the International House website: TOPICS: - US federal income tax: what counts as income, what can be deducted - Worldwide Income - Standard deduction - Itemized deductions: home-ownership, employment-related, charity donations,other miscellaneous deductions -- New tax rules for 2022 (for your tax planning) -- NC income tax: You may have a refund from IRS but may not for NC; discussion of adjustments and "add-ons" and the changes to NC income tax law - Tax savings/benefits (the "Do's") and pitfalls (the "Don'ts") - Complicated issue/situations: -- Part year in USA and part-year in foreign country -- Dependents with no SSN -- Foreign income exclusion SPEAKER: Margaret Hung, MLS, EA, Professional Tax Consultant, H&R Block PLEASE NOTE: The advice given in this workshop will be general in nature, and any advice given is not necessarily endorsed by Duke. The speaker will not address individual situations, and will not show how to fill in tax forms line-by-line. For specific advice, it is strongly encouraged that postdocs make an individual appointment with a tax professional.