Open Scholarship: Addressing Incentives, Equity and Obstacles


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Duke Office of Scientific Integrity (DOSI) &

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Research Town Hall Series


Duke researchers and institutional leaders

Advancing knowledge and discovery through research that is transparent, trusted and accountable requires novel research practices that make scientific processes, data, analyses and publications accessible. At Duke, the commitment to open scholarship starts with supporting a research environment where open sharing is built in all stages of the research cycle. Indeed, journals and funders are increasingly encouraging authors and awardees to share data on request or make it publicly available. Integrating open scholarship in each phase of the research cycle is meant to become the new way of conducting research by aligning the goal of accelerating discovery with the need to preserve and increase the public trust in science. Join us for a research town hall where reputed scholars and scientists discuss best strategies to incorporate open scholarship in research design, execution, data analysis and dissemination of research results. Attending this event for at least 60 minutes fulfills the RCR-200 requirement for Faculty and Staff. NOTE: Please register ahead of the event, on the 2023 Research and Innovation Week's website, by going to the schedule of events. REGISTER AT THE LINK: Contact: ASIST


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