Negotiating Belonging: Whose Community?


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Service-Learning Program &

Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI), and Teaching Support Network (TSN)


Communities First: Purposes, Perspectives, and Practices


Ginny Ramírez-DelToro, Emily Gitlin

Who defines our communities and community boundaries? How do we navigate and negotiate belonging or not belonging? What is the role of critical consciousness in evolving our understanding of our role in community? This conversation will provide different experiences of "being with" community from both a faculty and student perspective. We will hear from Ginny Ramírez-DelToro on developing a course that examines the role language plays in creating a sense of belonging and Emily Gitlin, a DGHI student challenged to build relationships with children in India virtually. Join us to explore case studies on belonging and reflect on your own sense of community.


Teaching & Classroom Learning, India focus, Multicultural/Identity, Ethics, United States Focus, Civic Engagement/Social Action, Diversity/Inclusion, and Global