Narrative, Object, Nature, Empire: The Humanities Interpret the Grand Challenges of Society

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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Cultural Anthropology, German Studies, Music, Nicholas School-Environmental Science and Policy, Nicholas School of the Environment, Philosophy, and Trinity College


Duke Research Week 2022


Professor Louise Meintjes, Professor Felipe De Brigard, Professor Sophia Enriquez, Professor Christine Folch, & Professor Paul B. Jaskot

This panel highlights how humanities questions not only help clarify but are central to analyzing major issues in human society. Taking the term "grand challenges" from the sciences, we argue that humanities are equally important to explaining fundamental human problems (and solutions). Looking at diverse sources such as narratives and oral testimonies, cultural objects, archival sources, and evidence from the natural world, the scholars will present how they use these sources to examine critically human societies past and present. Lecture part of Research Week 2022, Duke's week-long celebration of research. Join us January 31 through February 4 at


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