Hidden Curriculum: Expanding our toolbox to help diverse and majority trainees and junior faculty

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Felicity Enders, PhD

Hidden curriculum encompasses the norms, values, and behaviors within a learning environment. These are typically not taught yet are critical for success. Navigating the hidden curriculum is crucial for all trainees and junior faculty, and it's especially important for those from underrepresented backgrounds. In this talk, we will explore hidden curriculum topics and their perceived level of importance for majority and diverse trainees and their mentors. Zoom registration: Speaker bio: Dr. Felicity Enders is a Professor of Biostatistics at Mayo Clinic. She is a consulting statistician with over 170 publications with an H-index of 42. Dr. Enders' personal research focuses on educating researchers. For about 15 years, this took the form of statistics education, in which she leveraged her award-winning expertise as a statistics educator to develop a national statistics education research team. While this team is ongoing, Dr. Enders' research interests have evolved to 1) hidden curriculum for research, a topic that provides a novel lens to understand and overcome barriers for research for people who are diverse and 2) life course measures of discrimination and stress, which she has developed and is testing. Both are aligned with Dr. Enders' joint leadership for education and for diversity. In education, Dr. Enders is the Associate Program Director for Mayo's TL1 program, Program Director for the Minnesota Learning Health System K12, and Program Director for the Kern Scholars program. Dr. Enders was recently named as the Director of the Mayo Clinic Office for Research Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity. Dr. Enders is well known nationally, where she is a fellow of the American Statistical Association and is serving on the Board of Directors for the Association for Clinical and Translational Science.


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