Foundational Research Modules: Qualitative Research Design

Foundational Research Modules.


Howes, Laura


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Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Studies &

Bass Connections, and Social Science Research Institute (SSRI)


Foundational Research Modules


Duke Social Science Research Institute

Throughout the year, Bass Connections, in partnership with the Office of Undergraduate Research Support and experts across campus, will offer research modules designed to provide students (undergraduate and graduate) with foundational knowledge in research practices. These sessions are open to all Duke students, staff and faculty (you do not have to be a member of a Bass Connections team to participate). Please register to receive the Zoom link: In this session, the Duke Social Science Research Institute will introduce qualitative research methods and practices. The module will cover: -When should you use qualitative research? -Developing an interview/focus group instrument -Conducting focus groups -Conducting interviews -Note taking, transcription and coding (in brief; see later session on analysis)


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