Converting Your CV to a High Impact Resume



Starback, Molly


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Office of Postdoctoral Services &

Graduate School


Careers Beyond Academia Series


Dara Wilson-Grant

Are you considering a career outside of academia? If so, you will need to convert your curriculum vitae (CV) into a resume, and this session will show you how. In addition to learning the differences between an academic CV and a resume, you will learn specific steps and strategies to help you craft a resume that effectively promotes your qualifications in a way that appeals to a broad audience. Topics include: - Describing your skills and experiences in a way that translates across disciplines, industries, and career fields. - Tailoring and organizing your information with the reader in mind. - Choosing the right format, layout, and style. Speaker: Dara Wilson-Grant is the Associate Director at the UNC-Chapel Hill Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and a Licensed Professional Counselor. With over fifteen years experience providing career management education and counseling, Dara's mission is to help individuals develop a framework for choosing a meaningful and rewarding career path, plus develop the skills necessary for a lifetime of career success.