CDVS Workshop: Meeting Data Management Plan Requirements



Herndon, Joel


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Duke Office of Scientific Integrity (DOSI), Research Computing, and Social Science Research Institute (SSRI)


Center for Data and Visualization Sciences Workshop Series


Jen Darragh & Sophia Lafferty-Hess & Office of Scientific Integrity

[Online] There are many federal and private funders who require data management plans as part of a grant application, including NIH who recently released a new Data Management and Sharing Policy that takes effect in 2023 and will apply to all grants. This workshop will cover the components of a data management plan, what makes a strong plan and how to adhere to it, and where to find guidance, tools, resources, and assistance for building funder-based plans. We will also discuss how to make data management plans actionable and meaningful living documents to support research integrity, reproducibility, reuse, and verification of results. This workshop is a collaboration of Duke University Libraries and the Office of Scientific Integrity and is eligible for the 200-level faculty and staff RCR.


Workshop/Short Course, Research, and Technology