Alum Zoom with Nathan Rudemiller, PhD, Associate Director (Large Molecule/Gene & Cell Therapy Assay Development and Bioanalysis), Bioagilytix



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Nathan Rudemiller

On Feb 3, our guest is Nathan Rudemiller, PhD, Associate Director and Hiring Manager (Large Molecule/Gene & Cell Therapy Assay Development and Bioanalysis), Bioagilytix. Nathan has worked in the field of immunology since beginning his PhD training in 2010. Nathan spent his PhD training and postdoctoral fellowship elucidating immunological drivers of complex disease using in vivo models, ex vivo primary cell systems, and in vitro immortalized cell lines. Consequently, he has much experience with and a proclivity for developing cell-based assays, including assays with flow cytometric outputs. Following a postdoctoral fellowship at Duke University, Nathan joined BioAgilytix Labs in 2017. At BioAgilytix, Nathan oversees development and validation of PK, PD/Biomarker, ADA, NAb, and Potency assays using a variety of bioanalytical platforms under GxP regulations. Notably, he oversees all flow cytometric assays at the Durham, NC headquarters. Nathan's team leverages flow cytometry to address emerging bioanalytical challenges for large molecule and cellular therapeutics. Nathan received his PhD in Physiology from the Medical College of Wisconsin. Nathan will tell us about the open PhD-level positions at Bioagilytix - he is the Hiring Manager, so please be sure to attend if you are interested in this great local company! 5 Questions: 1. Could you tell us about your background? 2. How did you get your job at your organization? 3. What's a typical day like at your organization, pre- and post-COVID? 4. What can postdocs and students who would like to work in this field (or explore it further) do to prepare? 5. What is the employment outlook for this field, given the COVID crisis? (please note that the answer to this question may be "We don't know yet.") 6. Bonus 6th question: Can you tell us about the open PhD-level positions at Bioagilytix?