Alum Zoom with Carlos Goller, PhD, Associate Teaching Professor of the Biotechnology Program, NC State University



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Carlos Goller, PhD

On Feb 22, we are excited to welcome back Duke Postdoc alum Dr Carlos Goller, Teaching Professor at NC State University, who will discuss a Teaching Postdoctoral Scholar position ( currently open in the NCSU Biotechnology Program. Carlos Goller, PhD, is Associate Teaching Professor in the Biotechnology Program at North Carolina State University. His research interests include molecular microbiology, metagenomics, epidemiology, history of diseases, science education, and open educational practices. He was a Duke postdoc in Pediatrics-Infectious Diseases. Questions: 1. Could you tell us about your background? 2. Could you tell us about your institution, your responsibilities, and how a teaching professor role differs from a traditional faculty role? 3. Can you discuss the current job opening for Teaching Postdoctoral Scholar (, and any specific experience, credentials, or qualifications (eg, online teaching experience) that you are seeking for this position?