2023 Duke Health Forum: Rebuilding Emotional Resilience & Mental Wellbeing

Emotional Resilience & Mental Wellbeing



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Mental health issues are recognized as potentially the next pandemic. How could we rebuild emotional strength and resilience for all ages to achieve holistic wellness? State, federal, and international health and human services leaders will discuss the current challenges and initiatives relating to behavior and mental health. The distinguished panel will share strategies, policies, and innovative thinking in understanding and tackling psychological issues, as well as their insights on the multi-faceted impacts on individuals and our society. Speakers: David Johnson - Deputy Assistant Secretary, US Dept. of Health & Human Services Chris Jones - Commissioner, ND Dept. of Health & Human Services Kody Kinsley - Secretary, NC Dept. of Health & Human Services Li-Feng Lee - Deputy Minister, Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare Jilma Meneses - Secretary, Washington Dept. of Social & Health Services * Lunch provided for the first 100 registered attendees. Please go to (or click on the "more event information" box below). Event poster can be found at:


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