Does approval to return to the workplace mean I can perform my animal use activities?


You should only perform on-site animal activities if all of the following apply:

  • You have been approved to return to work. Only individuals who have received specific approval and have been notified by their manager, Chair, or senior administration that they can return to on-site work at a Duke Campus location may re-initiate work with animals. Everyone else should continue to work remotely. Please reference the SOM guidelines for return to research laboratories
  • Re-initiation of your animal work is part of your Vice Dean’s Office approved research plan and the research building is open.
  • You have an IACUC approved protocol to perform the animal activity. This includes IACUC approval for any animal use location, animal transport, and personnel performing the animal activity. If you have questions on what is approved on your IACUC protocol or needs to be approved prior to initiation please email
  • You can meet all return to work place requirements that have been established by the State, County, University, SOM, and/or department/unit. Reference: Guide for Returning to the Workplace