Corporate Relations

Duke University Corporate Relations

Duke University Corporate Relations facilitates mutually-beneficial relationships with companies to achieve business objectives through research, recruiting, or employee development. Collaboration projects can be structured along multiple dimensions involving subjects that span the entire university, or can focus on a single subject.

Your company’s priorities are at the heart of the relationship, whether it is global challenges in areas such as energy, sustainability, the environment, healthcare, global business development; or gleaning insight from big data; or innovation and entrepreneurship; or many other subjects. Collaboration with Duke University will help you achieve your strategic business goals.

What Corporate Relations Can Do For Your Company:

  • Help you navigate Duke University.
  • Identify and match your company’s strategic interests to the university’s research, programs, initiatives, and talent.
  • Facilitate conversations and connections between university personnel and your company.
  • Organize conference calls and campus visits with appropriate university contacts.
  • Help design projects for specific outcomes.
  • Formalize relationships and agreements.

Interdisciplinary Research Projects
Duke University is a global research university with unparalleled interscholastic capabilities.

Conferences, events, and workshops
Duke University convenes industry leaders for conferences, events, and workshops across a spectrum of subject domains.

Supporting Internships
Companies can post internships and jobs for undergraduate and graduate students and manage on-campus interviewing.

Global Programs
Duke University is a global university. Your company can benefit from Duke’s global presence, experience, and understanding of major marketplaces throughout the world.

Education Programs for Executives and Employees
Duke University executive programs are designed to develop the employee talent with real-world capabilities and new skills in the work place that lead to success.



Victor Taylor

Victor Taylor

Director, Corporate Relations
(919) 681-1970