Office of Research & Innovation

R. Sanders Williams, MD
Interim Vice President for Research & Innovation
(415) 609-7933

               Marnie Rhoads
               Senior Advisor
               (919) 684-8690

               Delores Nolen
               Executive Assistant
               (919) 681-6438

Christopher Freel, PhD, MBA
Associate Vice President for Research
(919) 668-4378

Geeta Swamy, MD
Associate Vice President for Research and Vice Dean for Scientific Integrity
(919) 681-5220

George A. Truskey
Associate Vice President for Research
(919) 660-5147

John Dolbow
Assistant Vice President for Research
(919) 660-5202

Svetlana Gladycheva
Assistant Vice President for Research
(919) 681-6438

Alyssa Dack
Research Policy Manager
(919) 681-4334

Mitch Melkonian
Research Communications Specialist
(919) 684-8699



Research Support Offices and Services

Campus Award Management Team

Valerie Abbott
(919) 684-7393


Campus Grants Management Team

Lara Whittaker
(919) 613-6021


Office of Campus Research Development

Sohini Sengupta, PhD
(919) 613-1523


Office of Export Controls

Daniel Vick, MBA
(919) 684-3030


Office of Human Subjects Protection

Holly Williams-Stafford
(919) 684-3030


Office of Licensing and Ventures

Robin Rasor, MS, CLP
Executive Director
(919) 681-6412


Office of Postdoctoral Services

Molly Starback, MSLS
(919) 681-7154


Office of Research Initiatives

Rebecca Brouwer
(919) 660-9176


Office of Research Support

Keith Hurka-Owen, CRA
Executive Director
(919) 681-8687

Susan Lasley, CRA
Associate Director
(919) 681-8684

Broderick Grady
Associate Director - International
(919) 668-1777



News & Media

Karl Leif Bates
Director of Research Communications
(919) 681-8054
(919) 812-6603 (after hours)



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