Responsible Conduct of Research Program

Duke University is committed to supporting a strong foundation in research integrity and ethics. To that end, all Duke University faculty and staff engaged in research are required to complete ongoing Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training. 

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) broadly refers to a code of ethical conduct that researchers should abide by on a daily basis.  Scientists are objective thinkers by training, but human by design.  Making ethical and practical decisions requires practice, periodic reflection and discussion to learn and experiment with different approaches.  RCR education strives to promote ongoing discussion and examination of scientific approaches (including experimental design, data analysis, and data management), academic and collegial relationships and collaborations, and the ethical considerations accompanying research studies and the research culture.  Practicing research responsibly is a daily habit, and should be integrated into the culture of research.

The goal of the RCR Program is to ensure that every University faculty and staff member involved in research has completed one credit of RCR training by one of the routes listed below:

Researchers will be expected to complete periodic refresher training on an ongoing basis. This programming complements training programs required for researchers in other career stages on campus. Please contact with any additional questions you may have.