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Video: Micro-Robot Ballet

Computer scientists' creations dance on a 1 millimeter stage.


Stem Cell Connectivity

Stem cells use slender 'wires' to communicate with neighbors, sense environment

'Quantum jitters' may drive DNA, RNA mutations

Fleeting change in DNA, RNA basepairs could account for mutations

One-Way Ticket ... to MARS!

Duke Senior Laurel Kaye is one of 100 finalists with a shot at colonizing the red planet.

Video: Louise Markert’s Little Schoolhouse

Dr. Markert explains how a new immune system is built.

Video: A daring transplant for the youngest patients

Thymus tissue gives immune system a life-saving boost

Video: Health Disparities and Social Change

Sherman James discusses social change and health disparities.

Video: Cell division caught in the act

Artificial system shows forces that divide bacteria

Video: Parent Games

Parents are more strict with first-borns -- for a reason.

Video: Lesley Chapman in the lab

Research experience opens a whole new world

Video: A Senior Thesis on Brain Development

Maggie Lin studied her own hypothesis

Video: Human Performance Lab

Ordinary walking becomes data in high tech lab.

Video: Chain of Command

"Value chain analysis" at the Center on Globalization, Governance, and Competitiveness finds hidden players with the largest effect on the environmental impact of housing.

Video: “What is a cancer vaccine?”

John Sampson responds in this one question interview.

Video: “Who’s Afraid of Flu?”

English professor Priscilla Wald on why we fear Ebola more than Flu.

Video: Baboon Dad’s Attention Helps His Kids

Professor Susan Alberts observed baboon families at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Video: Science Sensei

ScienCentral's light-hearted look at Duke's invisibility cloak

Video: Monkey Mind Control

The brain waves of a monkey in the U.S. move the legs of a robot in Japan

Video: Lemurs celebrate 10 Years in the Wild

Of 13 captive-bred white-ruffed lemurs reintroduced to Madagascar a decade ago, three are still going strong.


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