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Video: Micro-Robot Ballet

Computer scientists' creations dance on a 1 millimeter stage.


3-D Electron Microscopy in the Gut

Technique identifies new structure in appetite control

Global Health Studies Traffic Injuries

The collision of motorized vehicles, emergency medicine and global health

New Strategies for Dengue Vaccine

Ooi Eng Eong of Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School explains his dengue virus work.

Video: “Who’s Afraid of Flu?”

English professor Priscilla Wald on why we fear Ebola more than Flu.

Video: Baboon Dad’s Attention Helps His Kids

Professor Susan Alberts observed baboon families at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Video: Science Sensei

ScienCentral's light-hearted look at Duke's invisibility cloak

Video: Monkey Mind Control

The brain waves of a monkey in the U.S. move the legs of a robot in Japan

Video: Lemurs celebrate 10 Years in the Wild

Of 13 captive-bred white-ruffed lemurs reintroduced to Madagascar a decade ago, three are still going strong.

Video: Teaching About the Brain on Drugs

Professor Rochelle Schwartz-Bloom and colleague Gayle Gross de Nunez created an animated video to explain the neuroscience of drugs.

Video: “What’s it like in the octopus’s garden?”

Cindy Van Dover describes life at the bottom of the sea.

Video: “What’s it like in a submarine?”

Cindy Van Dover talks about going a mile and a half deep in Alvin.

Video: Cell Dance

Reya lab research video shows stem cells dividing.

Video: Cloak of Invisibility

A 'metamaterials' copper cylinder can partially hide an object from microwave detection

Video: Psychologist Explains “Self-Compassion”

Mark Leary says we'd fare better if we were more kind to ourselves when things go badly.

Video: When Cookies Catch the Cooties

Why companies should worry about what products are touching theirs in the store

Video: Inside a Mouse Brain

New technology creates exceptionally detailed images of a mouse brain.

Video: Study Speeds Care of Heart Attack Victims

Coming up with a way to provide faster, more effective treatment for heart attack patients.

Video: What’s a Turtle Highway?

A one-question interview with Marine Lab's Larry Crowder


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