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Video: Teaching About the Brain on Drugs

Professor Rochelle Schwartz-Bloom and colleague Gayle Gross de Nunez created an animated video to explain the neuroscience of drugs.


Mapping the Big Bang of Bird Evolution

Duke lab co-leads global genomics project

Bass Connections: Energy Efficiency in Industry

Undergrads tackle real-world energy efficiency in a massive GM auto plant.

Made With Code - Brittany

Brittany Wenger -- Fighting cancer with computer code

Video: Dr. Wesley Burks Speaks About Food Allergies

Duke study builds a child's tolerance by gradual exposure to the proteins that trigger food alergy.

New Smoking Cessation Technology, Developed at Duke

A novel technology for delivering nicotine to the lungs may soon give smokers a leg-up on quitting.

Lemur Center Expansion

New facility improves living conditions for rare and endangered animals.

The Human Spark: I Like to be Mimicked

Alan Alda unwittingly becomes a research subject at Duke.

Whither PCB's?

Bill Chameides describes the massive Hudson River cleanup.

Video: A Near-Perfect Fluid

Ultracold physics experiment has surprising result

Video: Duke’s Major Fossil Archive

One of world's greatest collections of primate history

Video: RoboCup Jr. Challenge

Durham students' robots compete at Duke

Video: A Novel Theory

Health System CEO's Lab Exploring Stem Cell Therapies

Video: Ariely at TED conference, Feb. 2009

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely studies the bugs in our moral code.

Video: What Do Dogs Understand?

Duke lab seeks volunteer pooches to play fun, problem-solving games

Video: Good Green Jobs

Duke research informs the Green Jobs conference

Video: What’s a Quantum Dot?

In a one-question interview, Adrienne Stiff-Roberts explains quantum dots and how they are used


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