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Video: Teaching About the Brain on Drugs

Professor Rochelle Schwartz-Bloom and colleague Gayle Gross de Nunez created an animated video to explain the neuroscience of drugs.


Duke Makes World's First Lab-Grown Human Muscle

Bioengineers make working human muscle in a lab dish.

2014 Duke Research in Photos

See the birth of the Moon and a bunch of other cool stuff from the last year!

Mapping the Big Bang of Bird Evolution

Duke lab co-leads global genomics project

Spiky Sight

Duke researchers discover sea urchin's entire body acts as an eye

The Evolutionary History of Jogging

Anatomist and anthropologist Daniel Schmitt talks about our unusal gait.

Video: Dr. Wesley Burks Speaks About Food Allergies

Duke study builds a child's tolerance by gradual exposure to the proteins that trigger food alergy.

New Smoking Cessation Technology, Developed at Duke

A novel technology for delivering nicotine to the lungs may soon give smokers a leg-up on quitting.

Lemur Center Expansion

New facility improves living conditions for rare and endangered animals.

The Human Spark: I Like to be Mimicked

Alan Alda unwittingly becomes a research subject at Duke.

Whither PCB's?

Bill Chameides describes the massive Hudson River cleanup.

Video: A Near-Perfect Fluid

Ultracold physics experiment has surprising result

Video: Duke’s Major Fossil Archive

One of world's greatest collections of primate history

Video: RoboCup Jr. Challenge

Durham students' robots compete at Duke

Video: A Novel Theory

Health System CEO's Lab Exploring Stem Cell Therapies

Video: Ariely at TED conference, Feb. 2009

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely studies the bugs in our moral code.

Video: What Do Dogs Understand?

Duke lab seeks volunteer pooches to play fun, problem-solving games


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