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Video: Teaching About the Brain on Drugs

Professor Rochelle Schwartz-Bloom and colleague Gayle Gross de Nunez created an animated video to explain the neuroscience of drugs.


3-D Electron Microscopy in the Gut

Technique identifies new structure in appetite control

Global Health Studies Traffic Injuries

The collision of motorized vehicles, emergency medicine and global health

Learning by Doing

More than half of all Duke undergraduates are able to perform hands-on research with faculty mentors.

Gettin' Muddy (Wetlands Restoration)

DukeEngage students having fun restoring Louisiana wetlands.

Bridging Two Campuses: Duke and Singapore

Eric Finkelstein talks about global health research in Singapore

Ticket to Ride

Andrew Sweeting studies the economics of ticket pricing.

Zipping Shut a Fruit Fly Embryo

Serdar Tulu makes beautiful, award-winning films of his fruit fly research.

Video: Erich Jarvis on Avian Intelligence and Vocal Learning

Erich Jarvis focuses on bird brains and vocal learning.

Video: Jacobs Prize Winners

Moffitt and Caspi explore how genes and environment influence mental health.

Root Tips Ride Waves of Gene Expression

Wave-like pulses of gene expression lay out the future architecture of roots.

Taking Science Out of the Lab & Into the Woods

Duke forest testing sites measure carbon absorption in real-world conditions.

Spiky Sight

Duke researchers discover sea urchin's entire body acts as an eye

The Evolutionary History of Jogging

Anatomist and anthropologist Daniel Schmitt talks about our unusal gait.

Video: Dr. Wesley Burks Speaks About Food Allergies

Duke study builds a child's tolerance by gradual exposure to the proteins that trigger food alergy.

New Smoking Cessation Technology, Developed at Duke

A novel technology for delivering nicotine to the lungs may soon give smokers a leg-up on quitting.

Lemur Center Expansion

New facility improves living conditions for rare and endangered animals.

The Human Spark: I Like to be Mimicked

Alan Alda unwittingly becomes a research subject at Duke.


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