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Video: Teaching About the Brain on Drugs

Professor Rochelle Schwartz-Bloom and colleague Gayle Gross de Nunez created an animated video to explain the neuroscience of drugs.


Duke Makes World's First Lab-Grown Human Muscle

Bioengineers make working human muscle in a lab dish.

2014 Duke Research in Photos

See the birth of the Moon and a bunch of other cool stuff from the last year!

Mapping the Big Bang of Bird Evolution

Duke lab co-leads global genomics project

Not-So-Lanky Lizards

Caribbean lizards keep traits from their founders even after years of adaptation to their environment.

Viz Friday

The Visualization Friday Forum is a weekly update

Deep Water Camouflage

Japatella heathi can change its appearance in a blink.

Second Annual Basic Science Day

Medical Center basic science researchers share work at conference

Duke Global Health Around the World

ABC News highlights Duke Global Health's work around the world

Honored to be There

Undergrads take part in year's biggest discovery as part of senior theses.

Learning by Doing

More than half of all Duke undergraduates are able to perform hands-on research with faculty mentors.

Gettin' Muddy (Wetlands Restoration)

DukeEngage students having fun restoring Louisiana wetlands.

Bridging Two Campuses: Duke and Singapore

Eric Finkelstein talks about global health research in Singapore

Ticket to Ride

Andrew Sweeting studies the economics of ticket pricing.

Zipping Shut a Fruit Fly Embryo

Serdar Tulu makes beautiful, award-winning films of his fruit fly research.

Video: Erich Jarvis on Avian Intelligence and Vocal Learning

Erich Jarvis focuses on bird brains and vocal learning.

Video: Jacobs Prize Winners

Moffitt and Caspi explore how genes and environment influence mental health.

Root Tips Ride Waves of Gene Expression

Wave-like pulses of gene expression lay out the future architecture of roots.

Taking Science Out of the Lab & Into the Woods

Duke forest testing sites measure carbon absorption in real-world conditions.


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