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3-D Electron Microscopy in the Gut

Technique identifies new structure in appetite control

Global Health Studies Traffic Injuries

The collision of motorized vehicles, emergency medicine and global health

New Strategies for Dengue Vaccine

Ooi Eng Eong of Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School explains his dengue virus work.

Video: Stem Cells at Duke

Chay Kuo seeks repair for brain injuries

Video: Scan Shows Cause of Blurred Vision

Non-invasive 3-D scan is a "virtual biopsy"

Video: Eek! It’s Ichabod

A rare baby aye-aye lemur is born at Duke

Video: Genomic profiling of breast cancer

Combining clinical characteristics with a genomic profile may provide important information for predicting a patient's prognosis.

Video: Animating Architecture

A Duke senior creates a 3-D, virtual Medieval cathedral

Video: Louise Markert’s Little Schoolhouse

Dr. Markert explains how a new immune system is built.

Video: A daring transplant for the youngest patients

Thymus tissue gives immune system a life-saving boost

Video: Health Disparities and Social Change

Sherman James discusses social change and health disparities.

Video: Cell division caught in the act

Artificial system shows forces that divide bacteria

Video: Micro-Robot Ballet

Computer scientists' creations dance on a 1 millimeter stage.

Video: Parent Games

Parents are more strict with first-borns -- for a reason.

Video: Lesley Chapman in the lab

Research experience opens a whole new world

Video: A Senior Thesis on Brain Development

Maggie Lin studied her own hypothesis

Video: Human Performance Lab

Ordinary walking becomes data in high tech lab.

Video: Chain of Command

"Value chain analysis" at the Center on Globalization, Governance, and Competitiveness finds hidden players with the largest effect on the environmental impact of housing.


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