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Stem Cell Connectivity

Stem cells use slender 'wires' to communicate with neighbors, sense environment

'Quantum jitters' may drive DNA, RNA mutations

Fleeting change in DNA, RNA basepairs could account for mutations

One-Way Ticket ... to MARS!

Duke Senior Laurel Kaye is one of 100 finalists with a shot at colonizing the red planet.

Video: Ariely at TED conference, Feb. 2009

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely studies the bugs in our moral code.

Video: What Do Dogs Understand?

Duke lab seeks volunteer pooches to play fun, problem-solving games

Video: Good Green Jobs

Duke research informs the Green Jobs conference

Video: What’s a Quantum Dot?

In a one-question interview, Adrienne Stiff-Roberts explains quantum dots and how they are used

Video: Tree Toppling for Science

To study how blown-down trees change the dynamics of an ecosystem, Nicholas School professor Jim Clark's team deliberately pulls down parts of the Duke Forest

Video: Darwin’s Work Continues

Mohamed Noor uses fruitflies to crack an enduring mystery of evolution

Video: Cat on a Hot Treadmill

Anthropologist's study of feline gait finds it profoundly inefficient

Video: RoboBio

Tireless lab workers speed the new biology

Video: Class Actions

Interaction maps show order and disorder

Video: Stem Cells at Duke

Chay Kuo seeks repair for brain injuries

Video: Scan Shows Cause of Blurred Vision

Non-invasive 3-D scan is a "virtual biopsy"

Video: Eek! It’s Ichabod

A rare baby aye-aye lemur is born at Duke

Video: Genomic profiling of breast cancer

Combining clinical characteristics with a genomic profile may provide important information for predicting a patient's prognosis.

Video: Animating Architecture

A Duke senior creates a 3-D, virtual Medieval cathedral


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