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Bass Connections: Energy Efficiency in Industry

Undergrads tackle real-world energy efficiency in a massive GM auto plant.

Made With Code - Brittany

Brittany Wenger -- Fighting cancer with computer code

Nick Buchler, Systems Biologist

BWF Science Explorers! learns about circadian rhythms

Video: Darwin’s Work Continues

Mohamed Noor uses fruitflies to crack an enduring mystery of evolution

Video: Cat on a Hot Treadmill

Anthropologist's study of feline gait finds it profoundly inefficient

Video: RoboBio

Tireless lab workers speed the new biology

Video: Class Actions

Interaction maps show order and disorder

Video: Stem Cells at Duke

Chay Kuo seeks repair for brain injuries

Video: Scan Shows Cause of Blurred Vision

Non-invasive 3-D scan is a "virtual biopsy"

Video: Eek! It’s Ichabod

A rare baby aye-aye lemur is born at Duke

Video: Genomic profiling of breast cancer

Combining clinical characteristics with a genomic profile may provide important information for predicting a patient's prognosis.

Video: Animating Architecture

A Duke senior creates a 3-D, virtual Medieval cathedral

Video: Louise Markert’s Little Schoolhouse

Dr. Markert explains how a new immune system is built.

Video: A daring transplant for the youngest patients

Thymus tissue gives immune system a life-saving boost

Video: Health Disparities and Social Change

Sherman James discusses social change and health disparities.

Video: Cell division caught in the act

Artificial system shows forces that divide bacteria

Video: Micro-Robot Ballet

Computer scientists' creations dance on a 1 millimeter stage.

Video: Parent Games

Parents are more strict with first-borns -- for a reason.


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