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Root Tips Ride Waves of Gene Expression

Wave-like pulses of gene expression lay out the future architecture of roots.


3-D Electron Microscopy in the Gut

Technique identifies new structure in appetite control

Global Health Studies Traffic Injuries

The collision of motorized vehicles, emergency medicine and global health

New Strategies for Dengue Vaccine

Ooi Eng Eong of Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School explains his dengue virus work.

Turning Sign Language Into Speech

Duke Hackathon team converts hand gestures into synthetic speech

Global Health in the Peruvian Amazon: Bass Connections

Bass Fellows study the changing Peruvian Amazon

Game Theory, Molecular Diagnosis and the Cure for Antibiotic Resistance

Game theorist David McAdams on the arms race with bugs

Crowdfunding An Oceanographic Tool

Marine Lab tinkerers developing a $200 instrument for oceanography.

Spidey Scents

A graduate student finds that what spiders see is informed by what they smell first.

The Genius of Dogs

Online testing of doggy smarts is also a citizen science project.

Teaching for the Future: Engineers Pursue Big Projects

Students engage in a 21st Century "Grand Challenges" curriculum.

Students Present Research at Visible Thinking

Undergraduates present their research findings at annual conference

Not-So-Lanky Lizards

Caribbean lizards keep traits from their founders even after years of adaptation to their environment.

Viz Friday

The Visualization Friday Forum is a weekly update

Deep Water Camouflage

Japatella heathi can change its appearance in a blink.

Second Annual Basic Science Day

Medical Center basic science researchers share work at conference

Duke Global Health Around the World

ABC News highlights Duke Global Health's work around the world

Honored to be There

Undergrads take part in year's biggest discovery as part of senior theses.

Learning by Doing

More than half of all Duke undergraduates are able to perform hands-on research with faculty mentors.


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