Making New Connections

This composite image from the lab of Scott Soderling in Cell Biology shows both the behavior and structure of a protein called WRP that occurs almost exclusively in neurons. Tagged green, the protein homes in on slender, red-labeled dendrites on the receiving end of a neuron. A computer-rendered model at the center of the image shows the structure of the portion of WRP that binds to the surface of the dendrite.

Developing Brain

A section of embryonic mouse brain has been stained to show different subtypes of developing neurons. Red marks neurons born early in development and yellow are more recent; cell nuclei are blue.  A team led by Debra Silver in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology has found that mice having only one good copy of the gene Rbm8a have fewer neural progenitor cells and thus fewer neurons and are born with smaller brains, demonstrating that Rbmb8a is crucial to healthy brain development.





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